I decided to gather a few friends from around the studio to informally discuss downloadable content around a table over lunch.  This is the first time I have tried anything like this so please keep that in mind!  This is all personal opinion too, not that of our employer.

High level summary of what we discussed:

  • What is your favorite DLC & why?
  • Is DLC on the disk ethical?
  • Discussion around DLC pricing.
  • How can DLC effect game balance?
  • DLC and player status.

The voices you hear in order of appearance:

Thanks to everyone who took part.  Special thanks goes to my wife who spent some of her time over the weekend post-producing this.  Should I try this again with any luck I will do a better job with the advice she has given me.

Update: The original audio files linked have been updated.  Michael Taylor @stomp224 (Audio Designer) kindly offered to clean up the audio some more.  Find him at http://www.stomp224.co.uk

As with Mike Acton’s audio posts, this comes with no warranty, transcription or satisfaction guarantee!

Round Table: DLC (Part 1 of 2)

Round Table: DLC (Part 2 of 2)