We’re getting very close to the conference now, so in Education we’re counting down with our last couple of speaker introductions.

Ken Fee is a games industry veteran with a track record starting with Lemmings at DMA Design. Over the next 18 years, he would work on franchises like Grand Theft Auto, F1, Medal of Honour, Star Trek among many others. Ken then left industry to join the teaching faculty at the University of Abertay Dundee, where he acts as Programme Tutor for the degree of Professional Masters in Games Development.

Ken’s session will look at the way that the Abertay programme is structured. As the first institution in the UK to be recognised as a “Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Educations”, there is a lot to be learnt from analysing what Abertay does and the ethos with which they approach the challenge of providing complete education for future game dev professionals. As Ken puts it:

At The University of Abertay Dundee (UAD), we aim to develop pedagogical models that embrace interdisciplinary team work and collaboration, to more effectively prepare students for the realities of working in a professional and dynamic manner.

This is perhaps best demonstrated in the field of computer games development, where Abertay is recognised as a Centre for Excellence. The combination of innovative teaching styles, specialist staff profiles and close industry collaboration have resulted in recognition and investment from government, public and private institutions, and is reflected in the enthusiastic response of the students, graduates and ultimately the employers themselves.

Ken is just one of the excellent speakers we have lined up for you as part of #AltDevConf, being held on Feb 11th and 12th. You can see more information about the conference at http://altdevconf.com

If you like the sound of Ken’s session, why not jump straight to the schedule now and register to attend!