Next up in the Speaker Highlights as we run up to the AltDev Student Summit, we’d like to introduce Phil Tibitoski and Jay Margalus, and their session “DIY Development”.

Education doesn’t stop after college. Yet, despite this simple truth, many aspiring game developers end the pursuit of their dreams soon after graduating from school. In “DIY Development,” Phil Tibitoski and Jay Margalus (of Young Horses and Lunar Giant, respectively), go over the processes they’ve developed while pursuing knowledge and building their own successful independent game companies. Learn to let go of the guiding hand of higher education and find your own answers.

As always, here’s a brief bio for the two speakers giving this session.

Phil Tibitoski is an all around nice guy, and a heck of a cool buddy-friend. He might even pay for a beer or something like that for you. You should never ask though, because that’s rude. Phil is President of Young Horses independent game studio, and a recent DePaul University graduate

Jay Margalus is from the future. He owns a web development company, is the Chair of IGDA Chicago, founded the hackerspace Workshop 88, and co-owns an independent game studio called Lunar Giant where he develops apps and games. He also co-hosts a most excellent podcast about indie game developers called MyGiant podcast.

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