We’re very pleased to say that Mike Jungbluth is the next speaker to introduce you to for the AltDev Student Summit. Mike is a long-time member of the AltDevBlogADay site amongst many other things, but his day job right now is Senior Animator for the Elder Scrolls Online. As part of the “Day in the Life of…” track, Mike will be addressing “What is Game Animation?”

Ever wondered what it is animators are actually responsible for in games? Is performance capture always the answer? What does a technical animator do? Do animators need to know anything about programming or game design? Do you have to be able to draw to animate? Is game animation the same thing as film animation? Why does an in game character not look or move the same as they do in cinematics? What software do they use?

This talk will break down the variety of roles a game studio’s animation department is responsible for, how they can help or hinder a game’s design, and touch on what you need to become an animator.

We’ve already given Mike a very quick introduction, but here is his full bio, which is far more impressive.

Mike Jungbluth is a Senior Animator at Zenimax Online working on The Elder Scrolls Online. Past games include Call of Duty: Black Ops, Lord of the Rings: War in the North, Singularity, Wolfenstein, The Incredible Hulk, and 300: March to Glory. He has given multiple talks at IGDA Meetings and Universities about advancing animation through game design, been featured on Gamasutra & GameIndustry.biz as a part of #AltDevBlogADay, and is a co-host of the ReAnimators Podcast.

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