The next speaker to say hello to is Andy Schmoll. Andy wears more hats in the Vienna games industry than we can list here, but the one she’s going to be speaking about as part of our “Day in the Life of…” sessions is the role of “Head of Communication” for Broken Rules in a session called “Being the Voice of an Indie Company”

Communication is key – especially for an indie company that needs to do everything themselves. Where to go, what to keep in mind, what to avoid and which tools to use, will be shared in this 30 minute talk about being the public voice for an indie company.

More info about Andy:

For 7 years now, Andy’s been developing games for various platforms and target audiences. From AAA to indie, from serious game to banned ones, from mobile platform to MMO – she’s worked on them all and found out that the more things change, the more they stay the same.
Currently, she’s the lead designer on an ambitious serious game as well as the official voice for an indie company that’s going to launch their second title on the Wii U.

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