Up next is Jeff Ward, who needs little introduction. Jeff is going to be talking as part of our “All the Things You’ll Never Be Taught” track on a subject that seems to have him quite fired up! It’s called “OOP Is the Root of All Evil”.

Most colleges now teach OOP languages and OOP principles, but a completely object oriented program is frequently at odds with creating fast code. In an attempt to create abstractions and encapsulate complex systems, programmers sacrifice speed, arguing that these make more maintainable and more re-usable code. This talk will show that the principles that make re-usable and maintainable code are not necessarily the principles that are part of OOP, and that the speed / maintenance dichotomy is sometimes an illusion.

As usual, you can read more about Jeff here!

Jeff Ward has been coding games and tools since 2005, and his work has been used in games like Oblivion, Fallout 3, Lego Universe, Slam Bolt Scrappers, and Zoo Kingdom. He served as chair of the IGDA Tools SIG for 4 years, and volunteers as an IGDA student mentor. Jeff also has a sincere and slightly unnerving passion for tools, process, narrative, and board games, and will happily wax on about any of them if you ask.

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