Erik Johnson should be familiar to those of you who attended AltDevConf Prime back in February where he presented a very well received session on “Effective PR, Marketing, and Community Management in the Indie Games Space“. He’s back for the Student Summit to talk about “A Day in the Life of an Indie PR Guy”.

You no longer have to be an indie game programmer or artist to work passionately on projects for self-imposed long hours–now anyone can do it!

Take a tour of the day-to-day happenings in the unique role of handling all of the development duties for an indie studio outside of the programming and graphics work. Gain insight on where to invest your time, take away ideas on what marketing avenues to explore with little or no budget, acquire valuable advice for becoming a maven for your studio, and more.

And now some more info about Erik:

Erik joined indie development studio Arcen Games in January 2011 to head up all PR and marketing efforts as well as to help out with Arcen’s title A Valley Without Wind in the areas of dialogue writing, character and region name component lists, interior room map design, “wiring up” of game entities, and so on. Currently he’s occupied on story development and level design of Arcen’s latest title Shattered Haven. He also writes and reports for Indie Game Magazine and games market magazine MCV.

In 2007 Erik graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Theatre Arts and has since dabbled as a writer and filmmaker in Los Angeles. He has worked in the LAUSD school system, for marketing agency DEI Worldwide, and as a freelancer for various print and online press outlets before discovering a desire to play, share, and create video games for a living. Wearing both the industry journalist and developer hat, he fancies himself an evangelist of indie games in general and the amazing community behind it.

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Erik is just one of the excellent speakers we have lined up for you as part of the AltDev Student Summit. You can see them all on the conference page, and don’t forget to register for free through Eventbrite right now, so that you can join us November 10th and 11th.