One of the things we wanted to do with the AltDev Student Summit was to shine a light into some of the less rockstar-ish roles that rarely get attention – the roadies of the industry. In that vein, Alex Crouzen will be speaking about “A ‘typical’ day in the life of a Tools Programmer/Build Master”

Games rely on more than just great gameplay, fantastic art and excellent sound. To get these things into the game, well-designed tools and a solid back-end to support the developers of the games are needed too. It might seem a less ‘glamorous’ part of the industry, but make no mistake: as a tools programmer you’re not just indispensable to the game-making process, you’ll also see all the aspects of that process from the inside.

As no day in my role is really ‘typical’, I will instead present you with a made-up day that covers aspects of tools development and build management from start to end. From planning to roll-out. From breakfast until dessert. Bonne appetite.

And here’s a little more info about Alex.

Alex Crouzen is a Dutch ex-pat currently on loan to the United Kingdom. After having worked in ‘normal’ IT for over 10 years, the opportunity came to switch to the games industry. He now finds himself labelled ‘veteran’ at only 6 years in. Credits include ‘Time of Defiance’, ‘Tronji’, ‘Start the Party 2′, ‘Big Match Striker’ and he is currently working on ‘Until Dawn’ for the PS3.

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