The AltDev Student Showcase, sponsored by Unity Technologies, is shaping up to be an excellent part of the AltDev Student Summit. We had an overwhelming number of projects submit to be a part of the competition, so we have had to narrow this down to the six finalists who will be presenting their project live as part of the event. Today we’re pleased to be able to announce the projects that we have selected.

  • Caravan – FH Mainz University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
  • Dragons! – AIE Melbourne (Australia)
  • Ecosya – Ingesup (France)
  • – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
  • Perspective – DigiPen (USA)
  • Polyphobia – University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Canada)

Congratulations to the teams behind these projects!

As part of the event, each of these projects will be pitched to a panel of industry experts. The contestants will have just 5 minutes to present their games, highlight what work has been done so far and explain why the team they have in place is more than capable of delivering an excellent product. The experts will have a further 10 minutes to drill down and ask questions about the project. We’re going to do this as two separate sessions, so each day three projects will go through this process, and at the end of each session the panel will have the opportunity to give their thoughts and insight, and the opportunity to choose to “invest” (with imaginary money) in the project. The projects that attract the most investment will be declared the winner, with each team taking home a Unity Pro license which will hopefully help them to complete their games.

For the audience, this is an excellent opportunity to look at some current works-in-progress and get a sense for what kinds of things the experts are thinking about when they assess a project. Even if it doesn’t give you some ideas that you can apply yourself, it’s almost certainly going to be an entertaining part of the event, so we hope you will join us.

Eventbrite - AltDev Student Summit

The AltDev Student Showcase is just one thing that we’re organising as part of the AltDev Student Summit, which is shaping up to be a truly memorable event. You can check out more information at the conference’s mini-site, and register now through Eventbrite so that you receive updates on how you can watch the sessions live November 10th/11th.