Knowing how to get your start in the industry can be tough. There’s no one fixed route to ensure that you get hired – if getting hired is even your aim. In this panel session, we’ve assembled some recent entrants into the world of professional video game development who have various points of view. They’ve approached the problem different ways already, and achieved different things, and during the panel they’ll be discussing what worked, what didn’t and sharing their experiences with the audience in order to help them to “Break In”.

Our four panelists are:

Becky Taylor (Stomp Games) – Becky has been PC-gaming since she was 2 and front-end web programming since she was 7. Becky is a very determined individual, getting published in the Davis Art Publication’s Communicating by Graphic Design series whilst still in highschool, and being named Fitchburg State University’s Interactive Media Student of the Year for 2012. Becky graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications Media with a concentration in Interactive Media. She currently works at Stomp Games as a Marketing Associate for Robot Rising.

Ben Holschuh (2K Games) – Ben is currently working as a Production Assistant at 2K Games based out of Novato, CA. While no producer-y things can be directly seen in the games, he has worked on both Borderlands 2 and Bioshock Infinite in his short 6 months with the company so far. In 2011 he traveled to the IGDA Summit and Casual Connect conferences as an IGDA Scholar; an experience that helped him get where he is today. He graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Digital Media, a minor in Japanese, and a burning passion for all things games.

Sarah Howarth (d3t) – Sarah is an electronics engineer and programmer, currently working at d3t Ltd. Her career began at Juiced Games as part of her high school work experience, and she hasn’t looked back as she has moved through Bizarre Creations and TT-Fusion, working on a number of titles such as James Bond: Bloodstone, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean and Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7. At d3t, Sarah focuses on expanding the range of services offered by the company, as well as developing new approaches for platforms such as Playstation Mobile.

Tyler Coleman (Retora Game Studios) – Tyler is Founder and Creative Director of Retora Game Studios, an independent game studio in Phoenix, Arizona. In the past year, he has worked on multiple titles, with the first mobile release earlier this year. His passions include procedural generation, community involvement, game education, and Lua.

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With panelists with such diverse views on how you can get your start in the games industry, this should be a session not to be missed. You can read more about the whole event at the conference mini-site, and please don’t forget to register to join us, November 10th and 11th from 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT / 4am JST.