We’ve announced the finalists for the AltDev Student Showcase already, but we keep talking about the expert judges who are going to be giving their feedback and deciding who will be going home with the Grand Prizes that Unity Technologies have put up. So, it’s time to introduce the judges!

We’ve got an exciting array of talent and a diverse spread of skills and experience lined up to tell our competitors exactly what they think of their projects. We’re going to be running two sessions of the Student Showcase, one on each day of the AltDev Student Summit, and we’ll be changing the panel completely between sessions.

On Saturday, the Session 1 of the Student Showcase will take place at 13:00 PST / 16:00 EST / 21:00 GMT / 06:00 JST. Our panelists for this one will be:

  • Kristen Bornemann – Development Director at ArenaNet
  • Phil Carlisle – AI Guy at Mindflock
  • Alex Darby – Technical Director at GamerCamp
  • Shawn Kirsch – Senior Production Services Technician at Sony Imageworks

The second session will be held on Sunday at 11:00 PST / 14:00 EST / 19:00 GMT / 04:00 JST and will be judged by

  • Mike Acton – Engine Director at Insomniac Games
  • Claire Blackshaw – Technical Designer at Climax Studios
  • Marcus Montgomery – Senior Designer at Backbone Entertainment
  • Pier Tortorelli – Associate Producer at Ubisoft Reflections

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The AltDev Student Showcase is just one of the exciting things we have lined up as part of the AltDev Student Summit. Please check out the mini-site for more information and don’t forget to register to join us for this chance to learn how the pros assess projects.