For readers of AltDevBlogADay, Ted Spence should be a familiar face. He joins the line up for the AltDev Student Summit with a session called “What Software Developers Should Expect From the Games Industry”:

Mr Spence, a twenty-year veteran of the games industry, will talk about his experience breaking into the games industry as a programmer, and how it differs from work in corporate software development. Mr. Spence joined the CD-ROM gaming wave in the early 1990s and repeatedly switched back and forth between game development and business software / analytics, eventually resulting in the startup EEDAR, an analyst firm that provided services to all of the top 20 publishers in the videogame industry.

For those who want to learn a bit more about Ted, here is a short bio

Mr. Spence is a prolific video game technology consultant and developer. In 2007, he joined EEDAR, a startup company providing analytics services to the videogame community. As CIO, he built all technology and infrastructure for the startup as it grew from a one person company to a metadata powerhouse, providing services to all of the top 20 videogame publishers and many of the top retailers.

Prior to EEDAR, Mr. Spence managed technology infrastructure for Knowledge Adventure, where he ran IT and Internet operations during its spinoff from Vivendi Universal. With a broad background and experience in a range of software and hardware technologies, Mr. Spence has developed a management methodology focusing on AGILE / SCRUM, and he writes about it regularly for gaming development websites AltDevBlogADay and Gamasutra.

Mr. Spence holds a Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, from California State University, Fullerton, and lives in Oceanside with his wife and daughter.

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It’s nearly time for the Student Summit and Ted, and all the other speakers, are working hard to create excellent content for you this weekend. Check out information on the whole event and make sure that you sign up through Eventbrite!